Ultra Modern Dental Group is a professional dental company that exists to provide excellent dental care while serving the community in need around them. Dr. Michael Wehrle began this company in June 2011 with the heart and passion to bring others to Christ through professional dental care.

Dr. Wehrle is constantly bringing down equipment and professionals to help train Mexican dentists that donate their time helping people who do not have the funds to pay for dentistry.

All profits go to help those in need in the country of Mexico. A portion of the profits go towards the construction of a larger dentist office and then ultimately to a hospital that will also exist to help those in need. The other part of the profits go towards free dental care for the most needy in Mexico.


We invite you to find out more about the different technologies and equipment that are used here, the staff that we currently have working at the clinic, and about how YOU can become a part of this project.