Dr. Michael Wehrle

Dr. Michael Wehrle graduated from Baylor College of Dentistry in 1989 and from Worchester City Hospital in 1990.He began as an associate in the mid-cities (between Dallas and Ft. Worth) and then purchased his own practice in 1994. He worked at this original location for six years and then built a modern dental office at the present location in Hurst, Texas. In 1994 he joined a group of motivated citizens to form a dental clinic in Hurst that insures that any child in any school system in the mid-cities can have their basic dental needs met free of charge. He is the co-founder and chairman of this clinic.In 2011, he started Ultra Modern Dental Group in Puebla, Mexico, with the help of Tom Basile and Glen Clark. This clinic was created to meet the dental needs of all the citizens of Puebla, including orphans and missionaries. Dr. Wehrle is married to his beatiful wife Tammy and they have four children Steven, Susan, Daniel and Sequel. When he is not doing dentistry or playing with his family, he is a bit of a fitness buff who likes to run, bike, lift weights and go canoeing. He is also very active in his local church.